1. The SkyCycle is the perfect soaring trike.  Built with the highest grade materials, this trike is a dream to fly!

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  1. Sky Cycle Raptor Series

  2. Wins BIG at Sun 'N Fun 2016

  3. Fly Hard partnered with Wings To Soar this year and designed three special Sky Cycles in honor of three special birds of prey: Osceola the bald Eagle, Cherokee the Golden Eagle, and Vika the Peregrine Falcon.

  4. Wings To Soar, operated by John Stokes and Dale Kernahan,  is a non-profit organization that cares for and educates with non-releasable birds of prey. To find out how you can support this wonderful organization, please follow this link: www.SoarSouth.org


2014 Best Trike, Factory Ultralight

2013 Best Commercial Ultralight at Sun 'N Fun

2012 Grand Champion

2011 Best Type Trike Ultralight

2010 Best Type Trike Ultralight and Best Commercial Ultralight

2009 Grand Champion and Best Commercial Ultralight

2008 Outstanding Weight Shift Ultralight

2007 Best Type Trike Ultralight

  1. List of Past Awards:

  1. Sky Cycle Fire Fly is our lightest soaring model. The award winner is equipped with the G 25 Zenoah engine and the North Wing Solaris wing.

  1. Sky Cycle R447 Wins Reserve Grand Champion 2015!

  1. Todd Bergeman and Corey LeBlanc of Absolute Custom Rides in Dalton, GA are the airbrush artists who made these Sky Cycles come to life! Here they are with John Stokes and Osceola.

  1. Mike Theeke holding Vika the Peregrine Falcon beside Vika the Sky Cycle!


Special thanks to:
ACR of Dalton, airbrush art
Ray Helman of Lookout Mountain, photos
Wings To Soar, birds of prey
John Stokes, for bringing Osceola to Sun 'N Fun and providing the birds for photos
Brian Clayton, assisting with Osceola and being his “Birdy Guard”
Kevin Kennebeck, assisting with Sun 'N Fun
Dale Kernahan, support team and providing the birds for photos!
Sara Clayton, support team
Sun 'N Fun International Fly In and Expo, for accommodating Osceola
The American Eagle Association, for permitting Osceola to attend Sun 'N Fun 2016!
  1. Sky Cycle K440 “Osceola” wins GRAND CHAMPION  ULTRALIGHT 2016!

  1. Sky Cycle R447 “Cherokee” Wins BEST TYPE TRIKE 2016

  1. Photo Credit: Ray Helman

  1. Photo Credit: Ray Helman

  1. Photo Credit: Ray Helman of Lookout Mountain, GA

  1. Photo Credit: Ray Helman

  1. Photo Credit: Ray Helman

  1. 2015 Best Type Trike

  2. 2015 Reserve Grand Champion

  1. Photo Credit: Ray Helman